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    В модельный ряд светодиодных светильников производства ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" добавлены две новые модели - ДБП 20-12 и ДБП 20-36. Детальную информацию о модельном ряде светильников можно получить, скачав PDF каталог светодионой продукции за февраль 2014 года (версия 2)


History of Enterprise

Public Joint Stock Company "Chernihiv Plant of radio equipment" (earlier Open Joint-Stock Company "Chernihiv radio sets factory") established on the basis of The State Enterprise "Chernihiv Plant of radio equipment" which was engineered for the general space needs and has been working for the defense and rocket space complex of the former Soviet Union for a long time.

Foundation date is February 14, 1967, when by the Order #16 of Minister for general engineering the board (of directors) for factory under construction was organized. Leonid Bezverkhyi was appointed as a director. On that day the foundation of the first building was laid (with symbolic message for descendants).

Works and building, equipment, accounting departments and party and social organizations were formed the same year.

In October, 1968 the first object, a boiler-house, was put into operation. In November the first lathe of the first mechanical-repair workshop started working. Here the nonstandard equipment, necessary for building of factory, and also various products for agriculture, spare parts for tractors, combines and for other technical equipment were made. The organization of the first assembly shop began; new departments were set up: production manager, chief powerman, supplies of materials and machinery, personnel, militarized security departments. A radio and mechanical technical school was opened. Personnel were trained only for the factory needs.

In 1969 the substation, the first priority part of building #2, was brought into service, as well as a dining room (capacity 180-200seats.)

In 1970 the building #21 with utility spaces was put into operation, as well as garage, building with service shops, neutralization station, and the fire protection tank. There was formed Chief Designer Department. Creation of producing departments and services came to the end. The factory became one of the operational enterprises.The first assembly shop started output of general production and in 1971 produced the first transducers for space satellites.

Later the enterprise began producing of nondestructive testing method devices, digital indicating devices and relay ladder logic systems with program control, relay switching devices for automated electrical mounting check, television signals retransmission equipment, navigation ground-based, air-borne and remote-measuring equipment, transducers, different gauging equipment ( pressure pickups, temperature and humidity sensing elements, rotation sensors) used in various branches of industry, public health, transport, communication and agriculture.

In 1971-1972 - new buildings (##26,28) were built. There was established microelectronics department. Later it became factory and Ministry’s pride. Highly skilled specialists, state-of-the-art technology enabled microelectronics department to become the first one with the title "Exemplary" in 1979. Along with the major production factory mastered the consumer goods manufacture. In 1970 consumer goods sector operates at the Chief Designer Department. In 1971 there was created design-engineering department of consumer goods, which in 1978 was transformed into the special design bureau and together with consumer goods shop became part of the separate manufacture. The factory produces: souvenirs, single-tube and four-tube lamps, curtain rods, ultrahigh-frequency converter, TV antenna, units for color-television receivers. Branches were established in Morhulichi (assembling), Khaliavino (wood-working shop, storehouse), in Lavyn (brick factory with auxiliary facilities). Manpower development system was extended, training centreworked, factory scholarship holders studied at different institutes of higher education.The infrastructure continued to improve - housing stock kept building (eventually 6 thousand apartments were built). There was a first-aid station organized, which later became the modern polyclinic. In 1983 there was also a complex of hospital buildings, holiday camp (300 places), pioneer camp (280 places), 7 nursery schools, hostels, sports club, the medical rehabilitation centre built.

In 1978 workshops and services were merged into5 major manufacture directions: mechanical, tool production, assembling, sensor production, and production of consumer goods. The merged production association called "Chernihiv Plant of radio equipment" - the modern high technology enterprise. It became one of the industry-leadingfactories.

About 200 workers and engineers were awarded the medals and orders for their work.In 1980 an honorary V.I.Lenin's name titlewas conferred on the factoryand in 1982 the association was awarded The Order of the Red Banner of Labour for working out, carrying out and development of a batch production of a complex of special equipment.

The early 90s was a difficult time of economic recession, changeover of the war industry to peaceful production, time of search of not just new development trends but even a struggle for survival. Making use of the experience in producing special communication engineering, enterprise set up output of equipment for city automatic telephone exchange and relay equipment. It is mastered the manufacture of unconventional for machine building planttypes of production: surgical operating table, gynecological chair, injection entry needles (disposable and reusable ones), Linkey comparator etc.

В In 1991 Marketing Service and Foreign Economic Activities Department were established.Enterprise takes part at major international exhibitions, business meetings, conferences. In 1992 OJSC "Chezara" became a regular participant of the specialized communication exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev. Since 1996 OJSC "Chezara" has been annually participating in products exhibition at the Major World Communication Equipment Show "CeBIT" in Hannover (Germany).

В In 1992 the company cooperates with the American company "АТ&Т" in production of 5ESS stations and in 1996 a new joint venture was set up. It was named "Lucent Technologies - Chezara Ltd". Later new forms of mutual activities with foreign partners were found, that is carrying out of their production orders on contract basis. Restructuring, searching of new foreign partners, new production mastering have their results, although don’t solve all economic difficulties. Need in enterprise running reconstruction emerged. 1992–1994 – turning into joint-stock company arrangements. In 1996 sale of shares began. In 1997 at the first share holders` meeting Кonstantyn Kolesnyk was appointed as the first President and Chairman of the Board.

In the next few years some necessary reconstructions took place. Enterprise mastered the manufacture of new items of production, such as weapon products - optoelectronic monitoring systems, aiming and fire control systems for armoured vehicles.

On June, 19th 2012 at the extraordinary shareholder meeting the enterprise was renamed Public Joint-Stock Company "Chernihiv Plant of radio equipment ". Drastic changes took place in the factory organizational structure. Svyrydenko Аnatolii Оleksiiovych was appointed general director. PJSC "CHEZARA" received an impetus to acceleration of the pace of development and improvement of effectiveness of production.