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  • ПАО "ЧЕЗАРА" исполнилось 50 лет. Фоторепортаж

    14 февраля ПАО "ЧЕЗАРА" исполнилось 50 лет.

  • Общее собрание акционеров ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" 2016 года

    Руководство предприятия сообщает, что 15 апреля 2016 года будет проводиться Общее собрание акционеров ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА"

  • Создано ООО "Бобровица"

    На базе комбината общественного питания ПАО "ЧЕЗАРА" с 01.10.2015г. создано ООО "Бобровица".

  • Участие в выставке "Зброя та безпека 2015"

    22-25 сентября ПАО "ЧЕЗАРА" приняло участие в выставке "Зброя та безпека 2015"

  • Общее собрание акционеров ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" 2015 года

    Руководство предприятия сообщает, что 23 апреля 2015 года будет проводиться Общее собрание акционеров ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА"

  • Напоминание акционерам ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" о порядке обслуживания дематериализованных ценных бумаг согласно закона Украины "Про депозитарну систему України"

    Руководство предприятия напоминанет акционерам ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" о необходимости учесть пункт 10 Заключительных положений закона Украины "Про депозитарну систему України".

  • Общее собрание акционеров ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" 2014 года

    Руководство предприятия сообщает, что 26 апреля 2014 года будет проводиться Общее собрание акционеров ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА"

  • Расширена номенклатура светодиодных светильников уличного освещения

    В модельный ряд светодиодных светильников производства ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" добавлены две новые модели - ДБП 20-12 и ДБП 20-36. Детальную информацию о модельном ряде светильников можно получить, скачав PDF каталог светодионой продукции за февраль 2014 года (версия 2)


Public Joint-Stock Company CHEZARA (Chernihiv Plant of radio equipment) is a powerful Ukrainian enterprise with over 45 years of service to electronic industry, majoring in space instrumentation technology, and manufacturing military-oriented products and commercial goods as well.

Having gone through various difficult times ranging from economic recession, conversion of the military-industrial complex and loss of orders, search of new ways of development to even struggle for survival, the Company is gradually regaining its strength.

Manufacturing capabilitties, experience and highly qualified personnel have been enabling the enterprise to meet the greatest challenges of producing state-of-the-art technology.

In the recent years considerable effort has been put into improvement of the economic situation, with some institutional reforms and enhancement of financial and economic performances.

Enterprise shareholders approved the development program, signed contracts with major key customers such as space-rocket Company Energiya Inc. (Russia), Machine Building Plant Iuzhnyi Mashinostroitelnyi Zavod (Ukraine) to mention by no means all of the Companies which consider CHEZARA as a reliable partner and intend to place orders for the procurement of our novel products. Space electronics always has been and remains the enterprise’s key product, making up as much as 70% of the enterprise’s total output. Primarily that includes radio-telemetering systems designed for the Ukrainian booster rocket Zenit within Sea Launch Project, as well as Kvant system for manned and unmanned satellites.

In addition to commercial space Projects, the manufacturing of armoured equipment fire-control systems is a novel activity which has seen recent development. These are electron-optical systems to allow detecting the target, scanning the battlefield, and keeping the combat vehicle weapon system under full control.

CHEZARA and R&D establishment Kvant-Radiolocation (Kiev) have been successfully cooperating in this field. Our enterprise is the Party to two major Ukrspecproekt Contracts for the delivery of armoured equipment to Iraq and Thailand. Recent developments in this area have been intended for ship armory fire-control systems.

In the period ahead, our enterprise shall have gone through the reforms to make it possible to respond to market demands within the quickest way.

Today CHEZARA is working stably. No effort is being spared to further modernize the production and pave the way for success.