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    Руководство предприятия напоминанет акционерам ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" о необходимости учесть пункт 10 Заключительных положений закона Украины "Про депозитарну систему України".

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    В модельный ряд светодиодных светильников производства ПАТ "ЧЕЗАРА" добавлены две новые модели - ДБП 20-12 и ДБП 20-36. Детальную информацию о модельном ряде светильников можно получить, скачав PDF каталог светодионой продукции за февраль 2014 года (версия 2)


SE "Ekran"

SE "Ekran" offers the following services

  • Automated assembly of printed circuit boards using SMT technology and technology of traditional mounting of components into a porthole (THT). Through this technology and professional high level decisions, our enterprise produces high-quality and high tech products in record-breaking time.
  • Provision of printed circuit boards, purchase of components for assembly of products. We work in close collaboration with leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards and deliverers of electronic components, both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Advisory work for developers of printed circuit boards, applying the SMT technology. We carry out analysis of projects of our customers and give advice to optimize their products to improve their manufacturability and reduce the complexity of the assembly, which leads to the decrease of product price.


High quality is the principle of our business

The company implemented quality management system, which ensures the compliance of products with international standards. Key components of this system are: gradual control of each process, quality control of finished products, as well as a set of measures to analyze and improve the quality of our products and evaluation of our work with the customer.SE "Ekran" of PJSC "CHEZARA" is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 (Certificate. TUV №751009312).

Experience and high qualification of our personnel

SE "Ekran" of PJSC "CHEZARA" was established on the basis of productive department of joint venture "Lucent Technologies CheZaRa" Ltd., which since 1998 has been assembling circuit boards for digital telephone station 5ESS and for the prime multiplexer 8TR641.

Highly qualified staff of the enterprise was trained at the Lucent Technologies company factories in Spain, Holland and Poland and has 6 years of experience in the field of automated assembly of printed circuit boards.


Our equipment and our possibilities

The production line of SE "Ekran" PJSC "CHEZARA" contains the following equipment:

  • Automatic screen printing system DEK-265;
  • Automatic machines of components CP2 and IP1 placement by FUJI company
  • Automatic machine of components 4687A Vantis Chip placement by UNIVERSAL company;
  • Convection reflow kiln INFRAFLO 500C ELECTROVERT company;
  • Wave soldering system GALAXY Model 6527 SOLTEC Company;
  • Devices designed for assembly, dismantling and component processing.
  • The enterprise also has equipment which helps to conduct various types of tests of electronic assemblies (in-circuit, functional and thermal tests).

Posibilities of our SMD line:

  • Board size from 60 x 100 mm to 355 x 508 mm;
  • Mountable components from 0402 to 51 X 51 mm (including BGA and off-standard components);
  • Accuracy of assembly: up to 60 microns @ 3 sigma
  • Capacity up to 18,500 CPH (cph).

Input data

The input data for the order are:

  • Specification of the product;
  • Assembly drawing of the product
  • Gerber file for applying the paste;
  • Coordinate file of the centers of components (Pick & Place file).


Files are the result of printed circuit board design.

Automatic installation of components onto printed circuit boards of Vantis model 4687A


  • Kinematic productivity - up to 16,500 components per hour.
  • Productivity on the test IPC9850 - 12,000 components per hour.
  • Mountable components - from 0201 to the IP 25x25.
  • The number of types of components - up to 144.
  • Accuracy of assembly - 25 microns.
  • Maximum size of printed circuit board - 457x508 mm.
  • Minimum size of printed circuit board - 51x51 mm.
  • Resolution of positioning system - 2.5 microns
  • Angular resolution - 0.1 degrees.