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The product "TRECK-M"

The product “Track-M” is the optoelectronic shooting control system (OES).

It intended for observation and detection of the ground targets (armored vehicles, manpower) and “hovered”helicopters, targeting and control of arming of combat module of armoured personnel carrier,consisting of:

  • automatic gun 30 mm ZTM-1;
  • automatic grenade launcher AGC-17;
  • machine gun of caliber 7.62 mm PT type;
  • antitank rocket system 212;
  • means of smokescreens making.

The product "TRACK-M" provides:

  • detection of targets by panoramic overview device "PANORAMA-2M" and imaging of detected targets and environment on the video monitor of commander;
  • observation of targets and environment in daytime and in conditions of poor natural light;
  • detection of targets by NTC and WTC TV cameras of optoelectronic module (OEM) and imaging of detected targets and environment of the monitors of commander and operator;
  • measurement of the target range using the laser rangefinder (LR);
  • displaying of images of targets and environment on the monitors of commander andoperator;
  • formation and imaging of target aiming marks on the monitors of commander and operator;
  • determination of the target range by indirect method;
  • automatic determination of aiming angles for selected weapon;
  • control of shooting using selected weapon type;
  • formation and imaging of aiming marks for chosen type of weapon depending on targetrange on the monitors of commander and operator;
  • formation and imaging of service alphanumeric information;
  • imaging of numeric value of the aiming angle at shooting by grenade launcher on invisibletarget depending on set value of the target range;
  • switching of the board power voltage +27 V on the product block and armoured personnelcarrier device;
  • control of the gun mechanisms at loading;
  • selection of type of the gun projectile (armor-piercing or high-explosive) and the shootingmode (burst or single) for gun and grenade launcher;
  • memorizing of selected quantity of ammunition of the gun and grenade launcher andautomatic counting of remained ammunition at shooting;
  • control of six smokescreen facilities;
  • automated control of the product equipment.

Main technical parameters and specification of the product:

  • the range of detection and identification of the ground target in daytime at meteorologicalrange of visibility >10 km and illumination of not more than 105 lux and the contrast rate of 0,5 isgiven in the table

    Type of cameraType of targetRange, not less, km

  • detection range of the ground target of the tank type in conditions of natural nightillumination 5x10-3 lux on locality at meteorological range of visibility >10 km and the contrast rate0,5 for NTC is not less than 1 km;
  • the range of measurable distances to the targets being observed:
    minimal - 160 m;
    maximal – 7 km (not less);
  • maximal error of measurement of the target range is not more than 5 m;
  • the error of determination of range by indirect method for typical target at the distance ofup to 2500 m is not more than 10%;
  • the angle of field of view (azimuth x angle of place)
    (2° 20' x 1° 50') +/- 5% - for NTC,
    (8° 40' x 6° 30') +/- 5% - for WTC.
  • the angular resolution corresponding to representation of one television line on the videomonitor is not less than 40 seconds of arc for NTC and 3 seconds of arc for WTC;
  • the time of readiness of the product to implementation of combat task is not more than 2minutes after start and at decrease of ambient temperature up to minus 40°C is 5 minutes (videomonitors – 12 min);
  • the time of continuous operation of the product is not less than 6 hours with following break of 1 hour before next start;
  • power supply of the product is carried out from the board voltage (27+2-5) V, the total consumption current in not less than 15 A (without current consumed by weapon mechanisms);
  • the total weight of the product is not more than 70 kg (without weight of bundles included inthe product kit);
  • MTBF is 1 000 hours;
  • designated lifetime is 15 years;
  • designated resource during entire lifetime is not less than 15000 hours.

Under using and operation type the product is classified as “A” — equipment of repeated use.

Climatic version of the product is “O” under GOST І5150.


The composition of the product "Track-M" and weight and size of its components arerepresented in the table.

NameDesignationQuantityDimensions (mm)Weight, kg
Control of commander (CC)468324.004-011280х191х2114,5
Control of operator (OC)468324.005-011280х191х2114
Control block ofmechanisms(CBM)468364.029-011272х247х1386,5
Optoelectronicmodule OEM-V201219.075-12ПС1490х368х21432,5
Video monitor467846.003-022310х360х1038
Kit of bundles*468939.0041
Kit of bundles*468939.0051

* The kit of bundles, included in supply of the product is specified in the contract for supplyof the product "Track-M".

Optoelectronic module (hereinafter OEM) is placed on the outer surface from the left side ofthe axis of arming unit of the armoured personnel carrier, control block of mechanisms is placed inthe tower, the console of commander and operator and two video monitors (of commander andoperator) are located in internal compartment of armoured personnel carrier.

Download pdf here