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The product "TRIADA"

The product "Triada" is the universal complex of shooting control (OES) for lightarmoredvehicles and is intended for observation and detection of ground targets (armored vehicles,manpower) and "hovered" helicopters, aiming and control of weapon of the combat module ofarmoured personnel carrier:

  • automatic gun 30 mm ZTM-1;
  • automatic grenade launcher AGC-17;
  • machine gun of caliber 7.62 mm PT type;
  • antitank rocket system 212;
  • means of smokescreens making.

Integrated system of detection, aiming, stabilization and shooting control (the product"Triada") is designed based on technical solutions practiced in shooting control systems "Tandem","Tandem-2", "Track-M" and in stabilizer "CS-2P" and the products "Katran" and "Katran-M".

The aim of design is decrease of labor intensiveness for manufacturing, quantity of deviceinterconnections, increase of operation reliability, and application of modern component base,introduction of stabilization mode and decrease of total value of the product comparing with thetotal value of replaceable systems.

Equipment of the product is developed so as to provide both autonomous control of operatorfrom the combat module and remote control of the combat module from the consoles of commanderand operator located in the chassis of combat machine.

Design of the product provides receipt of the command from commander at autonomouscontrol (device of commander console) and from the panoramic view system at remote controlling(the product "Panorama").

Main technical parameters and specification of the product:

  • the range of target detection of the tank type in daytime at meteorological range of visibility>10 km, illumination of terrain within the range 100..105 lux and the contrast rate of 0,4 must be notless than 7 000 m, 5 000 m, 3 000 m, 1700 m for the shooting channel of controlled rocket, NTC, MTC, WTC respectively.
  • the detection range of NTC of the ground target of tank type in conditions of natural nightillumination 5x10-3 on the terrain at meteorological range of visibility >10 km and the contrast rateof 0,5 for NTC is not less than 800 m;
  • the range of detection of ground target of tank type at heat contrast =2K is not less than 2 000 m;
  • the range of measurable distances to the targets being observed:
    minimal - 160 m;
    maximal – 7 km (not less);
  • the readiness time of the product to implementation of combat task is not more than 3minutes after start and at the ambient temperature of minus 20°C and minus 40°C the readinesstime is 5 minutes and 12 minutes respectively.
  • the time of continuous operation of the product is not less than 8 hours with following break of 1 hour before next start;
  • power supply of the product is carried out from the board voltage (27+2-5) V, the total consumption current in not less than 15 A (without current consumed by weapon mechanisms);
  • the total weight of the product is not more than 70 kg (without weight of bundles included inthe product kit);
  • MTBF is 1 000 hours;
  • the average operation period is 10,5 years;
  • designated resource during entire lifetime is not less than 10000 hours.

Under using and operation type the product is classified as “A” — equipment of repeated use.

Climatic version of the product is “O” under GOST І5150.


  1. optoelectronic module (OEM) included in NTC (narrow-field television channel), MTC(middle-field television channel), WTC (wide-field television channel), LR (laser rangefinder) andequipment included in composition of aiming device of the complex 212;
  2. Control console of commander (CC);
  3. Control console of operator (OC);
  4. Video monitors of operator and commander;
  5. Aiming consoles (AC) of commander and operator;
  6. controlling device;
  7. Control block of mechanisms;
  8. amplifier;
  9. turning drive;
  10. lifting drive;
  11. meter of inclination angles;
  12. Kit of bundles.

The part of equipment is always located in the combat module and the meter of inclination angle in chassis. The rest of equipment is located in the combat module at autonomous control and at remote control in chassis.

Under resistance, durability and stability to external action the complex corresponds to GOSTV20.39.304-76 of the group 1.11.

#parameterExisting "Track-M"Foreseen "Triada"
1Type of stabilization systemHigh-speed
It is provided by gyroscopic speed sensors with following integration for obtaining of values of the angles.
Direct obtaining of values of angles from sensors
System stability is increased
2Availability of horizontal and vertical movement of weaponPeriodical adjustment is requiredAbsent
Operation is simplified. Maintenance cost is decreased and combat readiness is increased respectively.
3Maximal speed of tower turning40 °/с40 °/с
4Minimal speed of tower turning0,02 °/с (by TZ),
real 0,1..0,3 °/c
0,01 °/c
Accuracy of weapon aiming on target is improved and probability of hitting of target by the "first" shot is increased.
5Modes of weapon aimingsemiautomatic, automatic, aiming of antitank rocket system aimingsemiautomatic, automatic, aiming of antitank rocket system aiming
6Automatic following of targetsAbsentProvided
Allows automatic observation of selected target, probability of hitting of movable targets and hit accuracy at marching shooting is increased.
7Compensation of friction and imbalance torques in drives of weapon control systemAbsentProvided
Target aiming accuracy is increased
8Automatic adjustment of target aiming angleAbsentProvided
Operator work is simplified. The probability of target hitting by the first shot is increased.
9Generation of ballistic correctionsAbsentProvided
Operator work is simplified. The probability of target hitting by the first shot is increased.
10Introduction of ballistic correctionsAbsentProvided
Operator work is simplified.
11*Quantity of the fields of view of OEM23
Visual observation of the battlefield is improved.
12*Maximal measurable target range5000 meters7000 meters
Fire aiming range is increased
13Range strobingAbsentProvided
Selection of targets is improved and stability of following by range is increased
14*Operation of laser rangefinder with automatic ACTS (amplitude choice of target selection)AbsentProvided
It increases the accuracy and reliability of targeting and decreases the shooting preparation time, probability of target hitting is increased.
15Continuous operation time6 hours8 hours
Time of combat use is increased
16Correction of image qualityAbsentProvided
Visual observation of the battlefield is improved.

Selection of type of weapon for shooting, mode of shooting, control of electric triggers condition,counting of remained ammunition of gun and grenade launcher, displaying of angular position oftower and tube, displaying of aiming angle of grenade launcher, indirect measurement of range andresolution of television channels of the product "Triada" correspond to parameters of the product"Track-M".

*-Parameters are provided if OEM corresponds to technical terms and requirements of performance specification for the product "Triada".

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